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We offer several kinds of cleaning services for homes to accommodate the different needs of our residential clients, and the wide range of residences they might live in.

Homes in southern Utah can range anywhere from relatively modest sizes of 1,000 sq. ft., all the way up to stunning residences that literally exude luxury, and we can provide service for all these dwellings, as well as everything in between.

Sometimes simple maintenance cleans are all that you need in order to keep your residence looking neat and attractive, and this is one of our particular specialties. We will be happy to set up some scheduling options with you for recurring service, and we offer a special discount for those packages, since it benefits both you and our company. With regular visits, we can become familiar with your residence and its cleaning requirements, and you will benefit by having a very attractive and orderly home, virtually all the time.


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Take the square footage of your home and cross reference it with the level of cleaning you need for your project. Once you have your hours, then you can add other chores by multiplying it with the percentages under our Add-ons section. If you get to a point you need some help, feel free to schedule a quick 15 minute call with us!

Light clean is defined as: bathrooms, dusting and floors

General Clean is defined as: Light Clean + All kitchen surfaces, microwave, stovetop

$35 per hour per Cleaning Professional
* 2 hour minimum for all cleanings.

$27.00 per hour for Senior and Veterans

Add-ons: Add the following percentages to your base hours

  • Window/Window Seal 10 min per window
  • Blinds 30 min per window
  • Baseboards 45 min per 500 SF
  • Kitchen Cabinets(outside) 5 min per cabinet
  • Ceiling Fans 10 min per fan
  • Light Fixtures 10 min per fixture
  • Refrigerator 1 hr per refrigerator
  • Doors & Door Jams 10 min per door
  • Walls 1 hr per 500 SF
  • Inside Oven 1 hr per oven
  • Organization hourly


For custom cleans, please contact us to schedule.


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We also offer general cleaning service, where we go through the home and address whatever issues need attention, and which you might alert us to. You may need your home cleaned before you actually take occupancy, or as you are relocating to another part of the state, and we offer a thorough cleaning package to handle these specific situations. Some clients arrange with us to have their homes cleaned while they go off on vacation, so they can come back to a clean home, and don’t have a big mess to clean up on the day of their return.

Our ‘deep cleaning’ service is our most comprehensive package of house cleaning, and is something often requested by clients as a first-time effort, to get things sparkling from top to bottom. After that, a periodic maintenance cleaning may be all that’s needed to keep things shipshape. The deep cleaning service includes scrubbing and sanitizing in kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere else needed, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, and dusting off all surfaces in the home where the dust of southwest Utah has come to settle.

Whatever kind of cleaning you need for your residence, we have a plan to cover it, and every cleaning plan we offer includes the basic elements of reliability, trustworthiness, professionalism, and top-notch customer service. Call us about your home cleaning requirements today, and let us show you how we go the extra mile in cleaning, so you don’t have to

Our goal at Maid to Perfection is to make you so happy with our service that you call us again, and that you tell all your friends about us too!