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If you have a business in St. George, UT, or in any of the communities in the surrounding region, Maid to Perfection should be your commercial cleaning company, because we have the same high standards for conducting business that you do. We strive to make each cleaning job a reflection of our commitment to excellence, and an example of how seriously we consider our responsibility to make every business client completely satisfied with our work.

No job is too big or too small for us to tackle, and we will infuse the same enthusiasm and professionalism to our work, whether we are providing straightforward janitorial services for your company after hours, or whether we’re cleaning an entire office building of several floors and numerous offices. We also offer service for cleaning rental properties, since it’s a very common requirement to have units thoroughly cleaned and prepared when old tenants move out, or new ones move in.


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Take the square footage of your home and cross reference it with the level of cleaning you need for your project. Once you have your hours, then you can add other chores by multiplying it with the percentages under our Add-ons section. If you get to a point you need some help, feel free to schedule a quick 15 minute call with us!

General clean is defined as: Bathrooms, break room (refrigerator and microwave), dusting, floors

$30 per hour per Cleaning Professional

$27.00 per hour for Senior and Veterans

Add-ons: Add the following percentages to your base hours

  • Blinds 0.5 Per Window
  • Baseboards 0.5 per 500 sf


For custom cleans, please contact us to schedule.


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Our objective is to partner with your company to establish a regular schedule of cleaning or janitorial service, so that you can be free to turn your attention to the important tasks involved with growing your business. We are also very glad to undertake one-time cleaning jobs, if that’s all that’s needed for your commercial establishment, and we can work with you to develop a cleaning plan that includes everything you want addressed during that project.

For your convenience, we provide scheduling options that won’t interrupt the flow of your business, and won’t be a distraction to your employees. When we establish a recurring schedule with your company, we can ensure that all cleaning work occurs at times when you feel it will be the most effective and the least disruptive. If you need only periodic cleaning or a one-time service, we can accommodate your needs at a time when there will be little or no impact on business employees.

As members of the local business community ourselves, everyone at Maid to Perfection recognizes that we need to earn your trust and your confidence in order to become your go-to cleaning service. That’s why every time we accept a new business cleaning project, we go out of our way to provide the best cleaning service in all of southern Utah

Our goal at Maid to Perfection is to make you so happy with our service that you call us again, and that you tell all your friends about us too!